I Am a Police Whistleblower
Would I Do It Again?
Details about my case are available to people who have identified themselves to me.

Advice is available to anyone.

Do not arbitrate. It is a joke.

I lost my career and the case. I had to start my life over in a different state.

I did not have much. I lost it all.

Nobody really cares.

The questions you must ask yourself:

-Do I have an alternate career?
-Am I willing to be publicly abused by "Officials?"
-Am I willing to fight and lose the case, just for the "principle" of the matter?
-Can I live without pay?
-Will it make any difference?
-What about my family?
-Are there any attorneys you really trust?
-Are there any judges you really trust.
-Even if you do trust them, what happens when they get put under pressure effecting their life and career?
-Have my "witnesses" ever displayed extreme moral courage - or just the usual "showboat" display.
-Have/would YOU ever support a whistleblower?
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